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My Breastfeeding Story: Irth’s Founder, Kimberly Seals Allers 

I am driving—correction: speeding—down the Grand Central Parkway in Queens, New York, wearing only a black T-shirt and some brightly colored pajama pants tucked into my Uggs. There’s a screaming baby in the back seat. Don’t worry, she’s mine. Thirteen miles at an unmentionable speed later, I arrive at Long Island Jewish Hospital, where, about

Celebrity Birth Stories: Lela Rochon

“My pregnancy story does not begin as one of those happy-go-lucky stories. I want to tell it honestly. Five months into my first pregnancy, my water broke while at work. It was 4 pm. I had to deliver a little boy, but he was too young to survive. It never occurred to me that something

Celebrity Birth Stories: Nicole Ari Parker

“Boris and I wanted to have a family, but both had just come out of a relationship and we weren’t rushing down the aisle. We tried for over a year to get pregnant and it didn’t happen. When we were in Germany visiting Boris’s family, he proposed, and then we went to Paris, and everything

Celebrity Birth Stories: Lorna Kyle, Cedric the Entertainer’s Wife

Lorna Kyle, the wife of funny-man and movie star, Cedric the Entertainer,  is not the typical L.A. celebrity wife. Don’t get me wrong, she’s got her Hollywood indulgences, but she’s extremely down-to-earth. After a missed time pregnancy, two C-sections, and one ovarian cyst operation, this self-proclaimed anti-stretch mark product junkie has had it. Lorna Kyle’s

Pumping Ain’t Easy

There have been several innovations in the world of breastmilk pumping within the past decade. New design ideas ranged from changing the pump from a vacuum to a more comfortable compression model and integrating massaging technology from the sex-toy industry to a hands-free prototype. Others attempted to hack the experience of breastfeeding, with one group

Oops –The Reality of Unintended Pregnancies

According to the National Survey of family growth, 49% of all pregnancies in the United States (excluding miscarriages) and 31% of all pregnancies resulting in live births are unintended. If you are struggling to accept an unplanned pregnancy, the greatest comfort may just be knowing that you are not alone. 28% of women have had

Pregnancy After A Loss

There are few events as painful as losing a baby. All of the exciting feelings and happy expectations about pregnancy come to a screeching halt, and instead of celebrating a life, you are grieving over a death. When most people think of pregnancy loss, the first thought is of miscarriage. But miscarriage is only one

Pregnancy After Abortion

There are a number of studies on how abortion affects a woman’s later pregnancy experiences, and the results show that a great many women experience painful, unresolved issues or post-abortion grief during pregnancy. Did you know that 44% of all American women will have an abortion at some point during their lifetime? More than a

The History of Black Women & Breastfeeding

While all women suffer under the weight of the complexities of breastfeeding, some are more overburdened than others, usually because of racial and socioeconomic factors. For over forty years, rates of breastfeeding among African-American women have significantly lagged those of non-Hispanic white women. When it comes to the gold standard of infant nutrition, twelve months

The Darker Side of Pregnancy: Postpartum Depression

Despite all of the radiant glowing and happiness that society associates with pregnancy, for many women this is not the case at all. The glossy pregnancy magazines and all the smiling, content faces, filled with euphoric expectation and joy, do not represent everyone’s pregnancy experience. Instead of feelings of happiness, many women feel confusion, fear,

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