Irth is the only “Yelp-like” review and rating app for Black and brown women and birthing people to find and leave reviews of maternity and pediatric physicians and birthing hospitals. Made by and for US.

Be a part of the change Black women deserve! Leave your review to inform and protect your community. Search Irth’s reviews to find out what other birthing people of color are saying before you choose a doctor or hospital. Don’t give birth without Irth!

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Why Birth With Irth:

Leave a review for prenatal visits, hospital births, postpartum visits and for your baby’s pediatric appointments until the first birthday.

Search reviews and filter by race, income, gender or sexual orientation.

See overall ratings and answers to questions, such as, Do you think your race or ethnicity impacted your care?, Did the doctors and nurses answer your questions or respect your wishes? 

Fathers and birthing partners are welcome to leave reviews too in our special track.

See reviews from doulas, experienced birth support professionals, who attend multiple births at hospitals.

Our Amber’s Rose and Forever in Our Hearts icons show where a maternal or infant death has been reported by a user.

Our powerful back-end turns your reviews into meaningful data to identify patterns, hospital leaders and laggards, and to push for institutional change.

With your reviews, we’re building the first national repository of experiences of maternal and infant care among marginalized groups. Together, we can!

Irth is a tool for allyship. White women can search Irth’s reviews as a tool for their own provider decision-making. Together, all women wield their consumer power in service of the Black and brown people who are being disproportionately harmed by the medical system.


We want to expand our work and capture reviews of care from Black women and birthing people who have given birth during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Spanish Language Available in App

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