Our Mission

People are not being treated the same way at the same place. Black women have been paying the highest price. Irth helps change that!

Compelling research proves that implicit bias and racism has been directly linked to the unconscionably high Black maternal and infant mortality rates. Bias based on your race, class, gender identification, marital status or sexual orientation can impact the quality of care you receive. Until now, Black and brown parents and people from all marginalized groups had no way of seeing reviews of care from other people of color as a front-end tool for choosing an ob-gyn, birthing hospital or pediatrician. Now you can!  

True Peer Reviews To Help Inform Your Doctor and Hospital Decisions

Transparency, Public Accountability + Data Is How We Push for Institutional Change 

For too long, the medical system has operated without transparency or any public accountability, particularly to Black women who are disproportionately dying in hospital settings during and after childbirth. Our back-end database, turns your qualitative experiences into quantitative data to identify patterns and behaviors, as we leverage the collective power of Black and brown consumers to push for social change. 

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