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Birth Without Bias Pilot Program: Irth’s Hospital Partnership to Understand & Improve Your Black Patient’s Experience

Irth’s qualitative & quantitative data provides patient-reported insights on perceived experiences of bias and racism. Data generated by Irth reviews fill the gap for Black & brown patient voices that can better inform current anti-bias efforts, hospital QI work and advance more respectful and equitable care.

Irth-Hospital Partnership Benefits

Independent, community-centered framework for hospitals and systems to assess the Black and brown patient experience within their institutions via customized data reports using hyper-local data. 

Irth’s data set becomes a powerful tool for developing or fortifying hospitals’ technical assistance, trainings, and other patient-centered quality improvement projects to better address blind spots and gaps in bias-free patient care.

Align with goals for various system priorities including Patient Experience, Population & Community Health, Social Impact and Quality & Improvement.

Rebuild community trust through data transparency, accountability, and ongoing open communication

Build Black and brown maternal care patient experience framework needed for upcoming developments and designations from accrediting organizations and services focusing on health equity and reducing health disparities.

Our current partnerships

Hospital Pilots

Philadelphia, PA

Temple University Hospital

Long Beach, CA

MemorialCare Miller Children’s
& Women’s Hospital

Sacramento, CA

UC Davis Medical Center

Coming Soon: Atlanta & New Orleans


March of Dimes

New York City Health Department, Maternity Hospital Quality
Improvement Network

with us

Irth is currently looking to partner with community organizations to capture more reviews for the Irth app and with hospitals, payers, and providers to leverage our unique patient experience data for more equitable maternity care.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please get in touch.

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