When you remove the ‘B’ from BIRTH, you get IRTH.
For us, that ‘B’ represents the bias too many mothers of color encounter throughout their pregnancy journeys.

Every birthing person deserves a 5-star experience.
When you leave a review and rating about your experience, you help drop the ‘B’ and drive positive change.

Together, let’s make birth without bias a reality.

IRTH is the only app that features reviews and ratings from Black and brown mothers about hospitals and healthcare providers.

Each review helps mothers find unbiased prenatal, birthing, postpartum, and pediatric care—through baby’s first year.

Download the app today. Your review has impact!

Hear from IRTH’s Founder, Kimberly Seals Allers


of Black maternal deaths are preventable.

more Black mothers in the United States are likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white mothers.

Birthing people should never fear that creating a life could end their own.

IRTH is dedicated to reshaping systems, retraining caregivers, and empowering women to find their voice in the delivery room. We’re calling out inequities and prejudices that affect women and birthing people of color.

Research has shown that death due to pregnancy-related causes is a result of systemic biases and barriers that exist across the healthcare spectrum. The additional risks women endure could be greatly reduced — if not eliminated — simply by holding hospitals and healthcare providers accountable. But to create an effective accountability structure, we need your help.

Your review will help our communities drop the B for good.

When you use the IRTH app to leave a review about hospitals and healthcare providers, it has impact.

Each review helps birthing people find unbiased prenatal, birthing, postpartum, and pediatric care through baby’s first year.


At IRTH, we believe the road to a positive and safe birth experience is best traveled with the embrace of sisterhood.

Whether you are a new mother or soon to be one — or whether you just want to provide support — you are welcome here! Sign up to stay on top of the latest from IRTH, including news, event updates, and more.

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