doula ambassador program

We’re on a mission to elevate the voices of Black and brown birthing folks.

We’d love for you to be a part of it.

Narrative Nation, Inc, a Black woman-owned and led New York City-based non-profit focused on addressing racial disparities in maternal and infant health with innovative media and technology initiatives, has created the National Irth Ambassador Program as an opportunity for doulas and other birth workers working with families to receive professional development support and access to a peer learning community in exchange for assisting in completing Irth reviews and increasing Irth’s capacity to push for birthing justice. Ambassadors will have exclusive access to virtual monthly speaker series, events, networking, and opportunities for healing and joy!

As an Irth Ambassador, your responsibilities will be:

monthly responsibilities

Meet monthly completed review goal (includes your doula reviews and reviews from past clients (and partners if applicable)

Post weekly on your social platform

Post in and join a Facebook group 2 times per month (i.e Black & brown new moms groups, lactation support groups & postpartum groups)

Attend one community event per month

Participate in cohort activities/attend monthly check-in calls or meet up.

Provide a 3-month commitment: Starting ASAP.

choose one of these strategies

Create a short list with the assistance of the Irth Team of local mom & baby stakeholders: Healthy Starts, Lactation Groups, Pediatrician Offices/Practices, W.I.C Offices.

Inquire about upcoming events were Irth can obtain a table to spread the word and capture Irth App reviews from attendees. Irth will always provide giveaways, and gift cards at these events.

Contact local pediatricians with a sizable Black/brown client base to ask if we can place promo cards (with QR Code), framed signs or be physically present to capture reviews from waiting clients.

Are there large Black/brown churches in your community? If so, can you reach out to learn about their women’s health or parenting ministries, or similar.

additional responsibilities

Assist with the completion of 10-15 completed reviews per month. These reviews are typically captured at events or from clients (and partners if applicable) within the past 2 years.

Leave your own doula reviews of births you have attended.

Assist prior and current clients (and partners if applicable) with review completion over the phone or in person.

We ask all Irth Ambassadors to participate in some level of social media outreach on a monthly basis.

Share your Ambassador role on social media and tag @theirthapp in your post.

Find & join 3 Facebook groups where you can share about Irth as a post or in comments.

This can include joining and posting in relevant Facebook groups. Outreach should be, but not limited to Black Breastfeeding Groups, Postpartum Support Circles, and New Parent Support Groups.

Attend a minimum of one community outreach event per month with a minimum stay of two hours per event.


As part of “A Give Back” to the doula’s,
we will be offering:

Virtual group sessions with a licensed therapist.

Virtual professional development speaker series once a month.

Guest Speakers: Support on business building, wellness & fitness.

Beauty and skincare products access.

End of month we will do a challenge to see who has obtained the most reviews and will be rewarded.

Access to media opportunities

As an Irth Ambassador, you will be featured on the Irth App social platforms (22K followers) and in the Doula Spotlight in the Irth App.

Monthly Stipend

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